All new/returning students are expected to begin registration of courses. Lectures shall begin on 5th of Oct 2016



ABOUT US - Mission, Vission and Principles

Peaceland College of Education is a project of Fredypia Development and Education Foundation, Enugu, Nigeria. The college has been founded and funded by Mama Pia. All construction work including purchase of property and equipments at the first phase has been possible through funds donated by her. She donated all her earnings to provide education for sustainable development for us.

The Pia und Alfred Meier Knuesel Stiftung in Switzerland has partnered successfully with the Fredypia Development and Education Foundation in the last six years. Through close collaboration between both Foundations, it has been possible to realize the intention of Mama Pia in what today is known as Peaceland College of Education, Enugu, PCEE. The Pia und Alfred Meier Knuesel Stiftung has provided technical, professional, and academic quality assurance with focus on making Peaceland College of Education, not only a center for learning, but also a center for character formation, training and overall excellence.

Our Mission
Peaceland College of Education Enugu has the primary mission of producing highly qualified NCE graduates who are academically brilliant, socially adaptable, morally exemplary, physically sound, productive and competitive.

Our Vision
To be the preferred College of Excellence in training and formation of middle level manpower in education and allied industry within Nigeria and beyond.

Guiding Principles of Peaceland College of Education
Peaceland College of Education is a young but promising college offering teaching and learning with special emphasis on quality, behavior, character and performance. We stand for excellence in training, learning, formation, teaching and research. Interdisciplinary approach, local content and international outlook with best practices have high place for us. We understand ourselves as a community that is working towards scientific advancement sustained in religious and cultural orientations. Our work can be explained under the principle: Imparting and impacting on our immediate community and the larger society through knowledge.

The primary purpose of Peaceland College of Education is to prepare its students for professional teaching and for other positions of responsibilities in education and industry. To this end each curriculum embraces general education, professional education as well as courses leading to subjects specializations. This objective is the controlling factor in the organization and development of the curriculum.

The seven schools of the college are designed to prepare the students to function effectively as first time teachers and as educated, informed and responsible citizens in a democratic society. Since education is a continuing process it must be pursued throughout life if the individual is to grow in intellectual and mental spheres as well as in wisdom. In harmony with the above, the college exercises its responsibility to the teaching profession by accepting and retaining only those students who demonstrate promise for professional growth and services.

The College believes in the innate capacity of everyone to lead themselves and their Communities; in building capacity at the local level so that people can become active protagonists of their own development.

Peaceland College understands that education is the foundation on which any development intervention is built and sustained. A literate society is better able to result in productive, democratically minded, active and healthy citizens. Therefore, our education mandate is designed to improve the quality of basic education, which will contribute to a sustainable pool of skilled labor while supporting the development of democracy and promoting domestic stability.