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It is a privilege for me to welcome you to Peaceland College of Health Technology. As you prepare to start your voyage of discovery, let me assure you of one thing: You and we have what it takes to succeed here. You have already accomplished a great deal. You arrive with outstanding qualities and the ability to flourish here at Peaceland. In choosing Peaceland, you did not make a mistake. You are here because we believe that you will take advantage of all that Peaceland has to offer to grow personally and intellectually: We have qualified staff, functional laboratories, e-library, robust security and serene environment. While Peaceland will challenge you – and in fact, we will have failed if we do not challenge you – I know that you have what it takes to excel here and in the years to follow.

The world is continuously evolving – economically, technologically and culturally. In other words, you need an education that will help you succeed over the course of a lifetime. Fortunately at Peaceland, education has never been just about coursework, or building a resume for graduate school applications. We are certainly proud of how well our graduates do when they leave here. But our real goal is to give you the skills and help you develop the values that will position you for success and fulfillment in Life.

Peaceland is a special place. We undertake academic and scholarly research of the highest international caliber, but we remain focused on educating individuals. In our classroom and labs, you will have opportunity to explore new fields and interests. I encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities by being fully engaged in your education. Our faculty will prove to be crucial in broadening your horizons, letting you learn about areas of study you didn’t even know existed. Seek advice from your faculty and take advantage of the support available to you.

We celebrate academic achievement at Peaceland. What you learn here ought to go far beyond the content of your classes and research projects. You will learn a great deal and grow as a person, through participation in co-curricular life , whether in sports, culture and community service. These opportunities will help you grow strong friendship, work with others as a team, develop leadership skills and advance a cause that is meaningful to you. Welcome to Peaceland college of Health