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Love Above Self: The Life of a Saintly Mother - Mama Pia

Mama Pia

Born on 1920

Love Above Self: The Life of a Saintly Mother

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Peaceland College of Education is founded and funded by a Swiss woman - Mama Pia.

Mama Pia visited Enugu Nigeria in 2008. During her stay in Enugu, she was overwhelmed by the crushing poverty, lack of opportunity and access of the Nigeria people especially the youths to quality education.

Mama Pia decided to support the development process in Nigeria through the provision of sustainable education.  She went ahead and made a will donating all her life earnings to support education through Teacher Education in what today is Peaceland College of Education, Enugu.

During the process of implementation of this college project, it became clear that the available funds donated so far by Mama Pia will not be able to bring the college to the finish line. She approved that her private residence in Switzerland be sold and all the money accruing there from be transferred to Nigeria to continue construction work, purchase of equipment and furniture and finishing of the College. She died that others may live.

Having sold her own only house, Mama Pia moved into a one bedroom apartment in an old people’s home. In this one room she spent the rest of her life, each time thinking less about herself and thinking more about her black brothers and sisters in Enugu, Nigeria.

Where other people saw opportunity to reap, Mama Pia saw opportunity to sow.  Where others saw weakness, Mama Pia saw strength. Where other people saw opportunity to exploit, she saw opportunity to sacrifice. Where others saw threat, Mama Pia saw Grace. Where other people saw opportunity to give up, Mama Pia saw opportunity to get up. Where others are reservoirs, Mama Pia became a river that knew no boundary.

She believed in Nigeria more than she believed in her home country. She believed in Nigerians more than she believed in her own natives.  She had a dream and went ahead to visualize it, refusing at each time to be stopped by Negative Energies. She held firm to her credo that the Way to Eternal Life is the Way of Love.

Mama Pia died in September 2012, but like Jesus the Christ, she lives. Her life was characterized by fear of God, Sacrifice, Modesty and Love of the Least of these Brethren.

The college shall continue to be driven by the same spirit that moved and inspired Mama Pia. May Perpetual Light shine upon her and may she rest in God’s Peace. Amen.